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Friday, June 20, 2014

Amelia Island - Vacation Part 2

After Sea World, we loaded up and drove about 3 hours over to Amelia Island.  We've been so blessed to be able to tag along with Mimi and Pop for the last few summers when Mimi has a conference for work.  We love the quietness of the beaches there and there is a nature center for the kids and lots of fishing for the boys.  It was so nice to spend a full week, actually 9 days with both of my boys.  We haven't done that in a few years.  usually Chris is only able to come for 2 or 3 days due to work, so this was quite a treat for us.

When we finally arrived at the beach and the rain stopped we took the boys our for a walk on the beach.  They took off and were so excited!!  You can see there was a nice huge beach for them to run on.  

They couldn't resist getting in the water just a little

Daniel doing a little evening fishing with a full moon!  

Logan was taking a break from the water and wanted to catalog shop in his Lego magazine.  He stares at the same three sets and keeps telling us he wants them for his birthday.  He just doesn't know his birthday isn't for 7 more months.  

Being silly in the sand.  Hard to believe this little guy used to hate the sand.  

 They decided to make Pop into a sand castle, which had to include a flag.  

Then they thought it would be funny to pour cold ocean water all over Pop's lap!

These fish look tiny, but they were very hard to catch.  Chris did a good job helping the boys

These little things were everywhere.  Sand fleas?  

Pop and his boys in the ocean

We went on an Eco-tour where we dropped a shrimp net and brought the catch aboard for the kids to see.  It was pretty cool!

Logan and Daddy got to help pull it in

The boys got a turn driving the boat which Logan took very seriously

We later went fishing at the Pond on the Plantation at Amelia Island.  It is full of fish and turtles.  The turtles are huge and come right up to the surface.  Can you guess why Daniel is fishing in his underwear?  

Yep, he fell in, and when Mimi went to grab him out, her sunglasses fell in.  So, Pop hopped in the lake and after a few minutes was able to find her glasses.  

We tried really hard to get a family picture while we were there.  It was pretty tough.  This one was from Sea World.  

Logan has zero interest in taking pictures, so we had to distract him with something silly.

Logan loves "really tight hugs"  when Chris squeezes us really hard.  He'll keep saying, "Again, again".  

I think he could handle the beach life.  He had a nice glass of chocolate milk, the iPad and the ocean breeze blowing in his hair while we were at dinner.  What a handsome boy!

We had such special trip and I am so thankful to have such a wonderful family.

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