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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Metformin for the Win!!

After leaving the doctor's office and being told to take the Metformin and call once I had a positive test, I wasn't convinced that would solve our problem.  I was hopeful, but afraid we might need more help. 
This was my second cycle on the Metformin, as well as, baby aspirin, vitamin D, prenatal vitamins and Synthroid for my thyroid.  We had another month of great timing and I was super hopeful when I ovulated.  We had planned a trip to Sea World and the beach and I knew it would be early, but I decided to test before we left.  On the 9th day after ovulation, I took a test, knowing it would be negative, but as I looked at the test in the dark with my flashlight (because it was like 4 am), I saw the faintest of faint lines.  I ran and got a different kind of test, that shows the lines a little better and sure enough there was another super faint line.  I decided not to tell Chris yet, since I had tested so early and wanted to test again the next day.  We woke up to leave bright and early the next morning and I tested and actually went out in the hall and prayed on my knees that this would be it.  Once again, there was a faint line on the test.  I decided to break out the big guns and take a digital test, this is the one that reads "pregnant" or "not pregnant".  IT SAID PREGNANT!!  I couldn't believe it.  I told Chris I had something to show him and we both were so shocked and excited.  We knew we had to be cautious and just wait to make sure I didn't start bleeding again.  (I was still 4 days from my missed period, so very early).  I threw several more pregnancy tests into my suitcase and stuffed my excitement in with them. 

The doctor told me to call when I got a positive test so they could start blood work, and I knew that we would be gone for the next 8 days, so I was a little worried.  I figured there was nothing I could do, so I would just wait and call the doctor on Monday from Florida if I still had positive tests. 
I continued testing and Chris and I would secretly compare the test each morning to ensure that the lines were darkening.   We knew we weren't going to say anything to anyone yet just in case it was another chemical pregnancy and my period was just around the corner.  It was a little tricky when his family was asking if I was going to go on the big roller coasters at Sea World.  (I declined due to a "headache" just in case).  It also got a little suspicious when we got to the beach and my mother in law opened a huge bottle of wine and assumed I wanted some.  Luckily, I am not supposed to drink with the Metformin medicine, so I just said I couldn't drink because of that medicine.  I'm sure she was already thinking that I am pregnant, and as much as we wanted to tell, we still decided to wait. 

I called Monday and spoke to the nurse practitioner, who said it was fine for us to wait until we got back in town, and she scheduled a blood work appointment for the following Monday to confirm the pregnancy. Of course, I kept on testing...all week because I love seeing a positive test and because I still couldn't believe it.

It's been kind of fun keeping the secret from everyone!  We certainly will be excited to tell our families once we see the little sweet pea's heart beating on an ultrasound very soon.  So, it's Metformin for the win.  I guess Dr. Hasty did know what she was talking about.

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