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Saturday, August 9, 2014

3rd Ultrasound and Graduation

Since I wasn't able to get in with my new OB until 12 weeks, which would have been about 4 weeks from the last ultrasound, I decided to go in for one final ultrasound with the specialists since she offered it to us as reassurance.  Why not, right?

So at 9 weeks 1 day, we went in for our 3rd ultrasound.  I told Chris on the way there, if everything looked good, I was going to calm my fears and hopefully lay them to rest (for the most part) and finally believe that I am pregnant and we are going to be bringing home a baby in February. 
My regular doctor wasn't available that day, so we saw another doctor.  He was just as wonderful and was so reassuring.  He performed the ultrasound and we were immediately able to see our beautiful baby and it's heart beating right away.  Again in just 10 short days, the baby had grown so much.  We were able to clearly see it's head, body, arms and legs.  The baby was wiggling and the doctor even joked he had to wait until the baby stopped dancing to read the heart beat.  The heartbeat was 151 beats per minute and the baby measured just over an inch. 

I am pretty sure I was on cloud 9 for a few days, just knowing that finally after more than a year of trying and a few heartbreaks, I finally had a perfect little miracle growing inside of me. 

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