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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Early Intervention

I am a big advocate for early intervention.  When Logan was about 18 months, we started him in speech therapy with Babies Can't Wait.  We saw great success with that program and I know it made a huge difference for him.

While I feel like he is very advanced with his reading skills, I can't help but be concerned about his fine motor skills like writing and cutting.  With so much emphasis placed on writing in Kindergarten, I feel like he will quickly become frustrated with writing.  The place where Landon is getting his physical therapy was doing OT screenings, so I thought I should get him checked to see if my concerns were legit or just that of an over worried teacher mom.

During the screening the therapist said she agreed that he struggled with fine motor skills and she noticed some sensory concerns through her observation.  She suggested we have the full OT evaluation.  With the struggles we've had with haircuts and the dentist, I've always wondered about sensory issues, so this wasn't a huge shock to me.

We had the full evaluation yesterday and it went great.  Logan was very cooperative and immediately clicked with the therapist.

It was so cute to watch him do all the tasks she asked him to do.  

Next, he got to go in the gym and try out some of the OT equipment.  He jumped from thing to thing and it was easy to see as soon as something was difficult or physically challenging, he would quit and choose something else.  He also didn't want to slide down the slide unless the huge pillow was at the bottom to catch him.  We've seen this before where he is very fearful of playground equipment, especially equipment he's never been on before.

Landon slept through the whole thing.  

I'm still waiting on the official report but Logan did qualify for OT services.  Basically, he has weak muscles in his hands and his core.  He struggles with body awareness, which leads to him being fearful in situations where he feels out of control of his body (ex. playground equipment).  Again, I am all about early intervention and know this can only help him.  

Today, we  had an evaluation with the speech therapist as well.  She said his language skills are average to above average, but she does notice a few articulation problems.  He has a tongue thrust when he says "s" and sometimes with "th".  So, we are going to do just a little speech therapy as well to try to nip this lisp.

So between Landon's physical therapy and Logan's OT and speech, I think we'll be keeping ourselves pretty busy this summer. 

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