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Friday, October 15, 2010

9 months!

3/4's of the way to a year!   We had a great check up yesterday and he was a champ through his shots.  His two bottom teeth have broken through, and I can't wait to see what he will look like with little teeth in his mouth!  He cracks me up with his tongue and his teeth.  Almost all day, he is doing what he is doing in the picture above.  He rubs his tongue back and forth over the teeth.  I guess it feels so new and different to him. 

Weight: 21 lbs. 14 oz.  All the crawling is paying off!  This is the first month Logan has not gained at least 1 pound.  He's still in the 75th percentile.
Length: 28 1/4 inches.  No growth since last month, but puts Logan at exactly 50th percentile. 
Eating: EVERYTHING!!  Logan is still quite the little eater and has now added so many new finger foods to his diet.  He loves to feed himself!  Some of his favorites are Cheerios, Goldfish, grilled cheese, toast, eggs, cheese, yogurt, mixed vegetables, turkey meat, pears, bananas, see what I mean?  Pretty much anything! 
He is still nursing 3 times a day and gets two bottles of Mommy's milk while I am at work.  I am so thankful that nursing is still going great for us!  The doctor was so impressed with Logan's eating.  She said it's so great that we have him eating so many table foods and it will help him to not be a picky eater later in life. 
Wearing:  Logan is wearing 12 month clothes and 12-18 month clothes.  He is in a size 5 shoe.  We are still using size 3 diapers.  
Sleeping:  Sleeping is still going great.  He goes down around 7:30, wakes up around 5 and goes back to sleep until about 7:30.  He normally takes about a 2 hour nap in the morning and a 45 minute nap in the afternoon.   
Social Skills: Logan is trying to wave bye-bye.  When we wave or he sees someone wave, he just stares at their hands and you can see his hand go in and out, but I'm not sure he even realizes he's doing it.  He is babbling like crazy and says baba and mama among many other noises.  Chris swears he is trying to say the d sound, but I haven't heard it yet.  I will say, I am working really hard to get Logan to say Dada.  I know Chris is just waiting to hear those precious words come out of his mouth.  I read that separation anxiety can peak around this time, but luckily we haven't really had to experience this yet. 
Motor Skills:  It seems like he is doing something new everyday.  He is of course, crawling everywhere!  He loves for us to chase him on the floor and say, "I'm gonna get you!".  He has even started to crawl after me if I am "running" from him on the floor.  He can pull himself up from sitting, and sit from standing.  Well, okay, more like fall on his tush from standing.  He likes to stand up and only hold on to things with one hand.  Twice he has stood up without holding on to anything for about 4 seconds while we were at Mimi's!  That was pretty exciting to see.  We still have a long way to go until walking...thank goodness!
He is really good a banging two balls together and can clap his hands together (when he wants to!)

Here are a few pictures:

Driving the new car at Mimi's house. 

Standing up!

9 months!

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