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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Scratch that off the list...

We have Logan's 9 month check up scheduled for this coming Thursday, so I have been working on my list of questions to discuss with the doctor.  Last week, I wrote down to discuss babbling.  Logan is vocal and makes several sounds, but I hadn't heard him doing repeated sounds, like bababababa or dadadadada.  I wasn't overly concerned, but just thought I would ask her about it.  Well he must have know I wrote it down, because Wednesday when I got home from work I was greeted with, "bababababababa..." until he went to bed.  He has continued to show off his new skill since then, and I have to say his little voice is just so darn  cute!
Today we went to Granddaddy's house to play with Mackenzie while she is staying with them for the weekend.  Dad and I were letting Logan practice walking between us, while holding his hands and we thought he said, "Hey, Ma-ma".  It sounded pretty clear, but I figured that I was just hearing things. 
Logan was having a ball playing with Granddaddy's vertical blinds and of course, was babbling away.  Then I heard one of the most precious sounds a mother will ever get to experience. 

Here's what the next few seconds sounded like:
Logan: "Ahh bababa...bababa......"  "Ma-ma"
Me, Dad and Barbara: "He just said Mama!"
Me: "He really just said Mama?"

Hearing him say that melted my heart!  It made me tear up!  I can't believe that he is so big and doing so many new things.  I can't wait to hear him say it again and of course.....we'll be working on Dada!
Granddaddy and his babies


  1. I can't wait for the day that G says mama, in reference to me. Right now he just says mum-mum-mum when he's whining. He did say his first word on Friday though - truck. It was no mama, but it melted my heart just the same.

    What a gorgeous background in the picture - and a proud Granddaddy too :)

  2. Wow! Truck? That is exciting! It's so neat to hear their little voices!
    The background is Granddaddy's new backyard, so he'll appreciate you commenting about it. :)

  3. That is awesome! Don't worry he is doing everything when he is supposed to!