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Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Boob Tube

* Warning to my male readers... I'm not talking about the television. 

Over the past few weeks, Logan has discovered something, which reminds me of squeezing the toothpaste out of the tube.  He has made the amazing discovery, that if he squeezes me (I'm sure you can figure out where), while nursing  it comes out much faster and he can get every last drop.  It's pretty funny. 

Speaking of breastfeeding, I am happy to report that we officially dropped the morning bottle and I am no longer having to pump at night (Thank goodness!)  This has led to a few nights of falling asleep before 10:00pm again!  Do you know how nice it is to finally get in bed and not have to keep myself awake until after 10 to pump?  I hadn't done that since I was pregnant!
I am still pumping one or two times at work, but I will only have to do this for a few more weeks (4 1/2 to be exact)!  I get out for Winter Break on December 23rd and will not plan on bringing my pump back to school in January!!  YAY!!!  I am planning to continue nursing Logan in the morning and before he goes to bed once he is a year, but I also look forward to introducing whole milk around a year. 
I know breastfeeding is not for everyone, but I have to say it is the best decision I have ever made.  I love the special time that Logan and I get to spend together.  I am so proud of how long we have made it and I look forward to continuing ( for a few more months). 

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  1. Congrats to you on nursing for so long, that's really awesome! I only made it 6.5 months before I quit, and I hated every minute of it. :/ Enjoy your extra sleep now!