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Monday, May 23, 2011

Obsessions and Monday night fun!

Logan is officially obsessed with shoes.  His shoes, Daddy's shoes and of course, Mommy's shoes.  He loves to put them on try to put them on.  Mine went on rather easy, but he struggles a bit with his.  I bought him a little pair of Crocs last week thinking he could slip those on with ease, but he is not too sure about the Crocs and his chunky little foot has a hard time squeezing in the shoe. 
While the cleaner inside loves Logan's trashcan obsession when he takes his dirty diapers and drops them in, I don't so much like when keys, candles, and toys are dumped in and then fished back out all by my little helper.  We are trying to just say, "Yuck" and "No, No", but I think Daddy may have to rig the trash can, otherwise we may find Lilly in the trashcan next week!
When I got home from work, Chris told me that Logan was insistent that he wear this bib.  He normally pulls his bib right off as soon as he is finished eating.  He brought this bib to Chris and wore until I took it off at bath time!  He is so silly!

Logan's last obsession for the week are my keys.  He loves to hold them and push the buttons.  I'm sure the neighbors are sick of hearing my car beep that the doors are locked.  I think Logan was saying in the picture, "Seriously mom, don't you have enough pictures?"

Chris and I are trying our best to save money and get creative with fun things to do with our family.  We decided that we would have a living room picnic tonight!  We set up a picnic quilt that G.G. made and locked Lilly outside so she wouldn't eat our food.  We had fun and Logan was being quite the little ham!

Relaxing after a hard day's work! 

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