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Monday, May 9, 2011


We are on day 7 of weaning, and things are going pretty well.  Logan is still missing it, and continues to be a little vocal and fussy to let me know he has not forgotten about the milk factory and he is still quick to search for them with his little hands! 
Aside from trying to keep my toddler from showing the world my goods, my little nibbler has been busy with the biting.  I continue to use a loud voice and very firmly tell him, "No, that hurts Mommy!", and he precedes to shake his head, "No" as he leans down to sink his teeth into me again. 
Chris, I mean Logan, got me a very sweet card for Mother's Day and you have to see what he wrote.  Last year, my card from Logan told me how thankful he was that I was his mommy and he thanked me for "the milks".  Look at what Logan wrote this year:

This picture doesn't quite depict exactly what my arms look like, but it will give you an idea.   (Have you ever tried to take a picture of your own arm...It's hard!)  I wore a sleeveless shirt to school today and was seriously worried that people might wonder what was going on with my bruising, so I had to keep a cardigan on all day.

It's a good thing this little vampire is so cute...

On a totally different note....our pool opened this weekend, so we went for a dip today...it was pretty chilly.  We shared a fruit smoothie while we tired to warm back up in the sun! 

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  1. Nice touch on your husband's part on that card. That made me giggle.