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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ch, Ch, Changes...

After a long year and a lot of work, I am officially finished with my gifted endorsement (Thank God!).  I am so excited to announce that I accepted a new position at a new school as a Gifted Teacher!!  This is HUGE!!  Not only is the school closer to my house, but it is at an amazing school.  I can say goodbye to report cards, SST meetings, stacks of paperwork, pressures of state testing, writing assessments, 20 page lessons plans to write each week and loads of other paperwork and stress. 
I know this job will have it's own stress, but nothing like what I have right now. 

There is a teeny part of me that is sad about leaving my current school.  I've been at this school for 6 1/2 years and feel like it's home.  I know everyone, know where everything is, and feel very established.  The thought of being the new kid makes me a little nervous, but I know that's pretty normal and I know I will feel at home in no time. 
This opportunity sort of just fell in my lap, thanks to a little help from a girl I used to work with.  She emailed me about two months ago to let me know there may be a gifted position open at her school.  I hadn't even considered looking for a gifted position, since they are very hard to get.  There is typically only one or two positions at each school.  I met her principal while observing their school one day and she emailed me to come in for an interview about two weeks later.  We interviewed with a group of 6 people on a Monday afternoon at 4:00, and I have to say, I walked out feeling like I nailed it!  The principal told me she would call me in a few days.  I was shocked when my phone rang Monday night at 8:45 with the principal offering me the position!!!  I get a great new school, new principal, and get to work with a good friend who happens to be an amazing teacher, too!

Cheers to Changes!!!

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