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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Swimming with the Fish?

Logan loves the pond at Mimi and Pop's house, and more than that, he loves to throw rocks into the pond.  He would spend hours standing, laying or sitting by the pond if we let him. 

Mimi and Pop were watching Logan about two weeks ago and they were all sitting outside, of course, Logan was laying near the pond tossing fish food and rocks into the pond.  I got a text from Mimi that said, "Guess who went swimming in the pond?" 
Mimi told me he was laying down and must have reached a little too far and PLOP, head first into the pond.  Mimi pulled him out by his feet, he cried for just a few seconds, and she took him inside to change, where he promptly requested, "OUTSIDE!"

(This was him, right after he went swimming with the fish) 

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