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Saturday, October 24, 2015

America's Funniest Videos!

Several months ago, Mimi and Pop went to New Orleans and came home with some live crawfish for the boys to play with.  Logan and Pop were playing and I just happened to be recording them during this hilarious moment.  After pains in my stomach from laughing so hard, and people continuing to tell us to submit it to America's Funniest Videos I decided to give it a try.

A few weeks later, they emailed us and said the video had been approved, and they would let us know if it ever got scheduled.  I honestly had forgotten about it and several months later, I got another email that said, it had been chosen for the upcoming season, but they didn't know what show yet.  Several weeks later, I got a voicemail that said our video had been scheduled for the season premier!  We were so excited to get the news and couldn't believe Logan and Pop would actually be on TV.  

We didn't win the $10,000 but Logan seeing himself on TV and the free shirt they sent him, were prize enough for him.

We sent a video to our family to remind them to watch.

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