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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

21 Weeks! Great day = long post

He's the size of a banana this week, I think they are referring to how long he is, not the width. The picture says the average is 12.7 oz, but the ultrasound tech told us today that he was measuring right at one pound (16 oz.)! The ultrasound tech, said he was measuring at 22weeks and 1 day. Then she told us at this point he is a "big baby"!
How far along are you? 21 weeks
Total weight gain/loss? 8 pounds
Maternity clothes? Love them! I am starting to get a lot of comments, I guess people can tell I'm pregnant now.
Sleep? Sleep is still great, I am usually out by 9:30...9:45 the latest.
How am I feeling? I feel wonderful...no complaints!
Best moment this week? Where to start? Chris got to feel the baby for the first time Tuesday morning. Logan did a nice little kick when Chris had his hand on my tummy. Another great moment this week, was seeing him and getting new pictures. He was sleeping during the first ultrasound, so I had to drink some apple juice to wake him up. He finally woke up for the second ultrasound and decided to suck his thumb for the pictures. It was so cute!
Movement? I have been feeling him a lot more this week. It is such an amazing feeling to feel him kicking from the inside, but to feel it from the outside is even more amazing. Especially now that Chris can share this with me.
Food cravings? pumpkin! I got a decaf pumpkin latte from Starbucks this week that was so yummy! I also bought pumpkin pie!
What I am looking forward to? We are leaving Friday afternoon to go see my new nephew Daniel in Charleston. We are so excited to finally meet him!
Milestones? Your baby likely weighs about 300-400 grams (about 10-14 ozs.) and is about 18-20cm (about 7 inches) long. As you move into your 21st week of gestation, the baby's lungs are still growing. Bronchi and bronchioles enlarge and even early alveoli in your baby's lungs begin to form.
Studies show that your baby is actually able to distinguish taste in the fifth month!
Here are some pictures from today's ultrasound:
He is still a boy! Daddy was proud to see the "goods" again!

This is him looking straight at the screen. It's his head in the middle and his tummy to the left. You can see his eyes, nose, mouth, hands and tummy.

This is my favorite picture. It's his profile and he is sucking his thumb! Sweet Baby!

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