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Monday, June 21, 2010

Finally visiting Baby Jack

After 5 really long weeks, Logan, Mimi and I finally made it out to see Scott, Melanie and Baby Jack. Josh, Megan and Mackenzie came Friday, so we had all the babies together. It was so much fun! Jack is so handsome and looks so tiny next to Logan. It's crazy how you think your baby is still small and "little", but when we put Jack next to Logan, Logan looked like a giant. Melanie looked great and seemed to really have the hang of being a "Mommie". I am so glad that we were able to spend some time with them and we were already on the phone today, planning our next get together.

I bought them matching outfits! They were so cute together!

All of the cousins together. Logan (5 months), Mackenzie (17 months), Jack (5 weeks). I can't wait to take this same picture every few months to see how they change. Mackenzie loved her cousins! She couldn't stop kissing them!

Logan loved sitting out by the lake. Uncle Scott has these really cool misters on the boat dock that keep you cool, even on a really hot day.
Best of all, Logan got to go on his very first boat ride! He was sleeping when we decided to go, but I got the life vest on him, he feel right back asleep and slept the 30 minutes we were gone. I know that is the first of many boat rides to come.

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