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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Round 2 of the sickies!

So, my little love bug is sick again :(
He started with a little dry cough last Saturday and the cough has now turned into a wet/juicy cough and he sounds pretty congested in his nose during the night and morning. He seems to get some what better during the day, but we just can't shake it. I took him to the doctor yesterday to make sure it wasn't developing into what we had last time. The doctor said she could hear a little in his chest and to go ahead and try the Albuterol before bed and during the night if needed. She said just like last time, it will either get better or get worse, so just to watch him.
While she was examining him, he was happily chewing on her fingers and giving her forearm a nice hickey. She noticed his drool soaked bib and I explained that he is not so much drooling, I like to say he has rivers flowing out of his mouth. I can seriously wring out his bibs after he has worn them for about 30 minutes. I also told her about him chewing on everything especially his hands. She felt his gums and said that his bottom two teeth may be getting close, but she wasn't certain. Hopefully, those little guys will stay put for awhile. I'm not sure I'm ready to deal with teeth yet! (Ouch!)
Anyways....Hopefully he will be feeling better soon! On a side note, while we were there, he was weighed and now weighs a whopping 17 pounds!
Geezz Logan, I'm glad you are growing so well, but could you slow it down just a bit, so you can wear all these cute clothes we have for you? Thanks! Love, Mommy

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