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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Holy Blowouts!!!

So, I guess this is payback for being so worried about him not pooping for so many days. After not going for 11+ days, I called the doctor to see if we should do something other than the old thermometer up the butt trick. They suggested giving him about an ounce of prune or pear juice everyday and to also try a suppository. We bravely got Logan ready, gave him a pep talk about the "little" cone that was about to be stuck up his hiney, and luckily, Mimi volunteered to do it. Whew! What would we do without Mimis?
Ever since that first "movement", Logan's system has been pretty regular and he has been going about every other day.

Blowout #1:
We went swimming with Josh, Megan and Mackenzie last weekend on the opening day of their pool. They had a nice baby pool that we took stake in. I had Logan in his adorable surfer shorts, swim diaper, swim shirt, hat and sunglasses and he was just as happy as can be sitting on my knees playing in the water. I could feel him passing what I thought was gas and he ripped a few good ones (bubbles and all!). Next thing I knew my hand was COVERED in slippery, wet, brown poopy!! I yelled for Josh who was closest to me and he grabbed Logan so I could get out of the poop. Thank goodness, no poop actually made it into the pool. (I would have died if we were the ones to shut down the pool on opening day!)
Megan and Chris came to the rescue and we quickly got Logan cleaned up and back into the pool with a new diaper and a washed suit! Oh well, as they say, Shit happens!

Blowout #2 happened today...Logan and I were playing in the living room and I heard his tummy rumbling. I sat him in his Bumbo chair, where most of the "movements" seem to happen. After several "ggrrrrs" and red faced "mmmmms" the explosion happened. Imagine bum against diaper against plastic seat...There is quite an echo. Anyways, I picked him up and yes, of course, it was all up his back and all over his clothes. It was bath time after that and then of course laundry had to be done. YUCK!!
In case you are wondering, yes I did take pictures, but no I won't disgust you with those. Why, I don't know....just so I could prove to Daddy that he really did explode!!

I think we are going to lay low on the juice for a few more days to make sure the explosions stay at bay.

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