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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Because nothing is Fireproof

**Although this is not totally Logan related, I do feel like I want to share this with other moms and dads who read my blog.

If someone asked me if having a baby changed my relationship with my husband, I wouldn't even hesitate to say yes.  Yes, it has made us communicate more.  Yes, it has made us re-examine thoughts and principles that we once considered rock solid.  It has also bought a new love into our home that we could have never imagined.  It also opened up an entire new view and appreciation for each other as we watched each other fulfill a role we had dreamed about for so long.   Along with all of those wonderful things, it has also made us exhausted, a few times (or more) it has made us quick tempered and on those sleep deprived days it has even made us argue or reach a level of frustration we didn't know we had. 
I still have the same love I had for my spouse the day we married, actually more now, but recently I found myself having to force myself into the "wife" role when I really just wanted to crash as soon as I put Logan to bed.  I wake up at the crack of dawn and throw on my teacher hat.  I perform an exhausting job all day, and rush home to be with my family.  I am normally in the mommy role at this point.  Cooking, cleaning, chasing, wagon pulling, swing pushing...you guys know, the list goes on.  By the time Logan goes to bed, and I do an hour or two of school work it's nearly 9 or 10 at night.  When you wake up at 5:00, this is way past bed time.  Chris and I found ourselves having a conversation about how to create more quality time for ourselves and put a focus on nurturing our relationship. 
I just happen to be browsing the Target book section and this book caught my eye. 
The Love Dare

As I flipped through it, I knew this was exactly what I had been praying for.  40 days and 40 assignments that allow you and your spouse to focus on each other and your relationship.  The other thing that caught my eye was the sticker on the top that said, "From the hit movie Fireproof".  Of course, I had to go rent the movie.  I tried Blockbuster Express, and two different Red Boxes, but ended up having Chris find it at an actual Blockbuster store.  We planned a special time to watch the movie, and promised to not have any distractions during the movie (so I had to put my phone and computer away!)
If you can get past the very cheesy acting, it was a GREAT movie!  The message was loud and clear!  I'm not going to get too much into the movie, because I really want to encourage other couples to watch the movie and take the Love Dare.  Even if you think you and your spouse are the greatest you've ever been, I would still recommend this.  If you happen to watch it or get the book, I would love to hear what you think.

Chris and I are going through the book a little slower than we thought, but there has already been a significant change between us.  I feel like it's actually making us better as a couple, better Christians, and most importantly, it's allowing us to be better parents for Logan. 

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  1. Kirk Cameron a cheesy actor?! Never! We watched that movie and I also bought that book a year or so before we got married and had Griffin. Every once in a while I pull it out again and use it as a reminder. It really has a great message!