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Monday, September 12, 2011

I Have "That Child"

Logan has been attending his little preschool for 4 whole weeks now.  He goes Tuesdays and Thursday from 9-12.  His teacher called me after the second week to let me know that he was having a rough time adjusting.  She explained that the only time he was not crying was in the swing on the playground.  She told me they ended up trying him in an infant swing in the classroom just to calm him down.  She told me not to worry and there are always one or two kids who do this.  I immediately felt so horrible and guilty, like I had done this to Logan.  Had I made him too attached to me?  Had I not left him with strangers enough? 
She suggested that he only do 1/2 days (which would only be 9-10:30) for a week to see if that helped.  My amazing mother in law and father in law also volunteered to go in and for an hour or so each day just to be with him in hopes it would calm him down.  He responded very well to Mimi or Pop being there, and barely cried while they were there.  The part he was still struggling with was the rule about only having his snack at the table.  The kids have to sit in their chair for snack and if they get up, their snack is taken away.  Logan did not like that rule AT ALL.  There was several days of no snack and tantrums on the floor.  Again, after feeling horrible, I decided we would try this rule at home.  All snacks and meals would be eaten in his highchair.  I also moved the high chair down to our dining room table, so that he would feel like he was at the table with us. 
All of our efforts must have helped because this is the note I got from his teacher last Thursday:
It says:
I had my very best day yet!  I sat and ate snack with all my friends.

YAY!!  Now just pray tomorrow goes as well!

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  1. Aww. That's a cute note. At this age kids learn to adjust so quickly so I wouldn't feel bad. You're a great mommy! :)