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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Oh Twoodles!

If you don't count the fact that my son was totally traumatized during the lighting of the candle and his cake time, I'd say the party was a huge success!  I had been working for weeks getting everything ready and planned to the very last detail.  So throwing it all together Saturday morning was pretty easy.  The only hiccup is that I thought for some dumb reason, I could make cupcakes that looked bakery style...um, not even close.  I made the cupcakes, made delicious homemade butter cream frosting, and then went to pipe the frosting on to the cupcakes and that is when I learned the hard truth....I will never be a pastry chef.  People make it look so easy, and I guess all that time I spent on YouTube watching frosting tutorials didn't pay off.  I think my hands are too shaky.  Anyways, sprinkles were a Godsend and covered up the ugliness of my frosting fiasco.

Logan is so lucky to have so many wonderful people in his life who love him and care for him.  It made me so proud to know that so many people came to support and love on our little Mickey Mouse!

Here are a few pictures of the decorations! 

*Remember what I said about being a pastry chef!  Don't look too closely!

Coloring Fun!

Cupcakes and drinks!  The Fruity punch was a hit, especially with the Mickey Mouse ice cubes!

The Mickey Tree

My baby boy each month of his 2nd year of life.  How he has changed! 

A few presents from Mommy and Daddy

The awesome banner from Heather!

Subway Art!

Want to see more?  Here are the pictures of the torture that occurred with the birthday cake.  These pictures make me giggle and get sad all at the same time.

He was not a fan of the ears

Wait for it....Wait for it....

Poor Baby!  He totally flipped when everyone crowded around and sang to him.  I don't think the scary flame helped.  :(

Logan was so lucky to get to party with his friends and got some very cool things for his b-day. 

Mimi and Pop got Logan a buggy, which he loves!  My little domesticated man!  He's going to make a fine husband one day! 

Trying to hide in the Match car storage case.

G.G. gave Logan two new pillow cases and The Angry Ladybug book to go with his new quilt.

Look at this beautiful picture my friend Megan Dempsey made for us.  My favorite picture of Logan and all of his favorite things!  I will treasure this forever! 

Logan's favorite book in a puzzle!!  The Very Hungry Caterpillar! 

I had such a wonderful time getting ready for this party and aside from the cake trauma, I think Logan had a really good time! 

We tried the cupcake a few more times throughout the day, but Logan had made up his mind that he was NOT going to touch that.  Instead, like an normal toddler, he gave up sweet, sugary cake and choose to have a bowl of oatmeal! 

And after all of that parting....He finally gave up!

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  1. It turned out just perfect! Love all the details! I have to show my mom that her banner was used again - she will be very happy to know that another sweet little boy enjoyed it =) I love the photo banner you did - I made one of those for Carter's 1st birthday, but I love how you did the Mickey heads. So sad that Logan got freaked out about the singing and the candles. But so funny that he wanted oatmeal instead! What a cute boy you have!!!