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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Fun at the Fair

Logan and I went to the fair today. I hadn't been to the fair in about 13 years! Not much had changed, scary rides looking like they may break, sketchy people there and working there, the fattest food you can find (deep fried Oreos!), and lots of interesting smells (petting zoo). 
We only stayed about an hour, and I had a game plan...we only took in a $20. When it's gone, so are we! 
Of course, the first stop was the petting zoo and animals. Nasty!!!
Then, we walked and walked and Logan picked the one ride he wanted to go one. He chose the Rockin' Tug. It was a tug boat that went back and forth and around and around. Luckily, it was short and sweet! After that, Logan decided to spend our last $5 on an icee. I was excited he chose that over all the other crap there. My plan to only bring the $20 was great, because I didn't buy any of the cotton candy or funnel cakes that smelled so good. 
Overall, we had fun and it was worth the $20. I did leave feeling quite disgusted. I probably counted 100+ people smoking right in their kids' faces. Makes me sick! 

Hopefully, in the future, all public events will be non smoking. Why don't we do that now??

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