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Saturday, September 21, 2013

It's Done...

Well, It's over and I pray that that was our first and last experience with that. 

Chris drove us to the surgical center Friday morning and as much as I tried to hold back, the tears started on the way there.  We got there, and got checked in and we were taken back to a small waiting room.  After a long 45 minutes, I was finally called back to change into a gown, get my IV and sign several papers.  I was holding it together until the sweet nurse, who was just trying to be sympathetic said, "I'm so terribly sorry you are here today."  Then my flood gates opened.  All the thoughts began rushing around in my head...Why us? How come I'm here instead of at home making plans for a new baby? Is this going to hurt? Will we get pregnant again?  If so, when? 2 months from now?  A year from now? and on and on.
The nurse gave me two pills to take to help with the nausea and several hand fulls of Kleenex.  We chatted about work for a while and she told me all about her grand kids and asked me about Logan.  Chris came back to sit with me for a while and that finally got me calmed down.  Then I see a familiar face peek in through the curtain.  It was my doctor.  I don't know what it is about him, but seeing him and hearing him tell me he was going to get me all fixed up and ready to get pregnant with a beautiful baby again very soon, set the tears rolling again. 
The nurse then came and put what she called "a margarita" into my IV.  Pretty instantly I felt a little floaty.  I gave Chris a hug and kiss and was walked back to the operating room.  I remember laying down on the table and they placed a gas mask on top of my face.  They told me to take a few deep breaths......

The next thing I knew, I was walking up and the nurse was telling me I was all done.  I don't remember being in any pain, just groggy.  The nurse brought me a ginger ale and I remember downing it and asking for a second cup.  After a few minutes the nurse brought me my bag of clothes and helped me to the edge of the bed.  She had me get dressed and shockingly, I felt really good.  The nurse said I may have cramping and bleeding on and off.  She then walked me out to the car where Chris was waiting.  Once I saw Chris and we pulled away, I started crying a little more.  I think it was because I knew it was done and it was so real. 
We stopped on the way home and bought some crackers and ice cream  (I felt like I had an excuse to eat whatever I wanted).  I got home, got in bed, rested while I watched a movie, and then was up and ready to go.  Chris kept saying I needed to take it easy and lay down, but I really felt fine.  We later went and picked Logan up from my Dad's (He and Barbara had kept Logan all day...Thank You!) and then grabbed some dinner on the way home.

Despite this being a horrible procedure to have had, it went very well and I've had very little physical side effects from it.  I pray we never have to go through this or a loss again.  I am very thankful that everything went so well.   I am now just praying that my cycles return to normal.  I go for a follow up in 2 weeks and hope to talk to my doctor about when it will be safe for us to try again. 

I thank God for the strength I have had through this and for my strong faith that His plan for us is perfect and we will be blessed to be parents again soon. 

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