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Monday, September 16, 2013

Month One is a Bust

As many times as I told myself, I wouldn't be disappointed if it didn't happen right away, I can't help but be pretty sad today.  I got off birth control pills in January and we planned to officially start trying in May.  I have been taking my basal body temperature each morning to chart my cycles to see if I was ovulating.  When we tried to get pregnant 4 years ago, I was not ovulating on my own, and had to take medicine to help with that issue.  I was really hoping I would not have to take it this time around and my body would ovulate on its own.  Sure enough since January, I have been ovulating and having pretty regular cycles. 

I wanted to wait until May to officially try as that would give us a due date around Feb/March 2014, which would mean that I could have baby, be out on maternity leave, go into summer, and no have to go back to work until August.  This would also allow me to be home with the baby for several months and by the time I return to work Logan would be going to pre-k with me at my school.  Of course, this is Jessica's plan, not God's plan.  If I've learned anything in the past year, it is that God does have a plan and it's perfect and I am reminding myself of that today.

Even though I am not pregnant this month and "my plan" may not be going exactly as I hoped, I know it will happen when He wants it to and everything will be perfect in the end!

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