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Monday, September 16, 2013

Month 3

Month 3 seems to drag on forever and ever.  Doesn't it seem like days feel like years when you are waiting on something?  I started the ovulation predictor tests and finally, oh finally I got a positive just about when I thought I could.  I was quite relieved since I was worried my cycle might be messed up due to the chemical pregnancy last cycle.

I have been continuing to temp and chart and decided since I knew I wouldn't be able to wait, I would start pregnancy testing at 9 days after ovulation, since that is probably the VERY earliest even the earliest test will detect the pregnancy hormone from your urine.

After holding my pee all night, which is  huge task for me, I very cautiously tested at 5:15 that morning.  I knew that it was way to early, but I kept having that "what if" in my head.  I wait the 5 minutes while the test did it's magic and at first glance my fears were confirmed.  I didn't see anything.  Then I picked it up and tried a few different angles.  Ever, and I mean, ever so faintly....there was the faintest of faint lines.  I knew I needed to keep my emotions in check, especially after last month.  I decided I wasn't even going to tell Chris this month until I knew for sure that I was getting very obvious positive tests that last for a few days. 

I tested again the next morning and got a second line that was darker, but still not dark enough for me to feel like it was real.  I decided to test the next morning, which was 12 days after ovulation (which is still very early) on a digital test that would say "pregnant" or "not pregnant".  This is were it all went down hill last month.  I had gotten faint lines, but the digital test on 12 days past was negative. 
I sat waiting, just praying that it was say positive.  After another long 3 minutes, I saw that beautiful word..."pregnant". 
Of course, I cried just a little as I felt a big sense of relief, but quickly reminded myself, we are not in the clear yet as it is still very early. 

I have continued testing because I can't help myself and I love seeing those beautiful double lines on the tests. So far everything is still very positive and looking good.  I have my first doctor's appointment next week to take blood work to confirm the pregnancy. 

I continue to thank God each day for this beautiful little blessing that he has given to our family. 

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