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Monday, September 16, 2013

:Sigh: ... :Deep Breath:

Well, unfortunately, what I was afraid of happened.  I went to the doctor for blood work and knew it wouldn't come back until Thursday.  Thursday morning I woke up and planned on taking a digital test, which I thought would confirm either way.  I temped that morning before even testing and my temp had plummeted.  That only means one thing....NOT PREGNANT anymore. 
The nurse called me and confirmed what I already knew.  She said to expect bleeding within the next few days and this was in fact a chemical pregnancy.  She cautioned against testing so early and said it's best to wait until a week after a missed period.  A week??  That's going to be SO hard, especially when you can test 5 days early with the tests they have out. 
So, I cried a little (or a lot) and then pulled myself together and decided I was ready to try again.  I was little frustrated at myself for getting so upset, but I did think for two days I was pregnant and the planner in me had all sorts of thoughts and plans going. 

I didn't really get to surprise Chris like I had wanted since I was so worried about the faint lines.  I was hoping to plan something fun to tell him we were pregnant and ended up just showing him the tests while I was in the midst of my worrying.  So next month, my plan is to wait to test and if we are blessed enough to get pregnant right away, I will plan a much better surprise for him. 

I love that you can test so early now, but I totally understand the curse to this awesome technology.  Maybe this is a lesson on patience ??

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