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Friday, December 3, 2010


I was counting the minutes down today at work not only because it was Friday, but because we decided to take Logan to get his first haircut and to see Santa!  He is such a great baby, but I was a little worried how he would do with both, and I have to brag and say he was a perfect little angel!  I have a lot of pictures and I just couldn't narrow them down, so I'll use the pictures to tell you about our fun evening!
Daddy, Mimi and Pops met me at Pigtails and Crew Cuts.  It is this super adorable kids salon, that was recommended by several friends.  Our course we got Logan the "My First Haircut" package, which included a little keepsake card and a little bag with his first curl.  This was us while we were checking in. 

Could this place be any cuter?  They had several little cars to choose from.  We went with the fire truck!  As you can see Logan was excited to take his first spin behind the wheel!

The woman who cut his hair was great!  She was super fast and Logan was quite content just watching what she was doing.  He thought this part was funny. 

More cutting!

A little trimming...

Almost finished....

What a big boy!!!  All finished! 

Next we headed off to the mall to find Santa.  Of course, we had to watch him walk off to go feed his darn reindeer as soon as we were walking up.  So, after killing 30 minutes at the mall, we decided to go ahead and get in line.  Granddaddy works very close to the mall, so he was able to stop by and share this special event with us too. 

We all waited... 

and waited....and played a little "ride the horsey, ride the horsey"....

and finally got to see SANTA!!!  Logan sat right on Santa's lap and gave us a precious little grin!  Although our visit with Santa was over in just seconds, this picture was well worth the wait!  What do you think?

I had such a great time and this was exactly what I needed at the end of this week.  We are so lucky to have such wonderful grandparents, who care so much to take time out to spend these special moments with us. 

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