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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Cagle's Family Tour

We met a few friends and headed out (right across the street) for our annual Cagle's Farm Tour last week.  Although it was really hot, like up to 106 that day, we had a great time.  Logan is pretty obsessed with animals right now, so he was really into seeing all of the animals and saying their names.  He also liked pointing out which ones were babies and which were the mommies.  He got much closer than last year  in the petting and feeding part, but decided he rather look at everything from a few inches away.  :)

On the hayride

Checking out the ducks with his buddies

Checking out the cows, but a little unsure

The cows came running right up to the tractor

I can't wait to take Logan back in the fall for the corn maze and grilled corn! 

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