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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bathroom Re-do!

When we first moved in the house 6 years ago, everything was newly painted in a fresh white color that we actually liked at the time. Once we found out Logan was a boy, we quickly got started painting his room in bright blue and green colors and had plans to paint more of the house, but like so many other things it got pushed to the side. 
Logan's bathroom probably had it worst of all.  It was the boring white color, with even more boring towels, rugs and shower curtain.

Yuck...what was I thinking?

So a few weeks ago, I found this adorable shower curtain and I got G.G. to sew an extra panel on the bottom and ric rac between.  Then, I decided, because it is such a tiny bathroom, to hang it as close to the ceiling as possible, in hopes to elongate the room. 

I wasn't sure what color to do on the wall since there are so many colors in the curtain.  We opted for a light grey color.  I lucked out and had almost a full can of white paint in the garage that Home Depot colored for FREE so my paint cost me nothing! 

We added two white floating shelves above the toilet for some extra storage.  I have not found the decor I like for these yet, but just added a few things for the picture.  I would like to add a large dark wooden frame to sit on the top shelf and a few folded up hand towels on the bottom. 

I have also added a very cute polka dot soap dispenser and ABC toothbrush holder. 

I am thrilled with how it has turned out so far and I'll have to post the finished product once the shelves are finished and I find a rug that I like. 

Do you think it looks better? :)  It's not so BLAH anymore! 


  1. Super cute! Great idea of extending the length of the curtain. What a fun kid bathroom.

  2. How adorable! The curtain is adorable and makes the room look so fun! :)