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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Bad Things Happen in Threes, Right?

I went ahead and posted the two previous posts since I received a  very unwelcomed gift Christmas morning. 

A few days before Christmas, I was bursting to test and was so hopeful to get a positive test right in time for Christmas. I had been dreaming that I would be able to wrap up a cute little newborn Christmas outfit and tell our families our great news!  I was thrilled when I got these results:
And then I got this....

Still not believing it and being scared that it might not stick, I continued taking tests.  They weren't really getting any darker and I knew what was happening. Another pregnancy that I was going to lose. On Christmas morning, I woke up and had a fabulous morning with my family, but in the back of my mind I knew what was coming. Sure enough, a few hours into the morning I got a very unwanted and unwelcomed Christmas gift, bleeding.
My doctor's office was closed, so I just reminded myself that's God's timing is perfect and I was determined to not let this get me down. 
I called my doctor first thing Thursday morning and spoke to the nurse. I left a message with the details and explained that I would like to go back to the reproductive specialist since this is technically 3 losses in 6 months.  The nurse called back with the doctor right beside her and explain that he wanted to see me on Monday and wanted ultrasound available. I'm assuming the ultrasound is to check that there is no remaining tissue. He also said that we would discuss going to the specialist. 

I went ahead and called the specialist today and set up an appointment since I'm off work for the next week and a half. I was able to get in January 2nd, but not with the same doctor I saw last time.
Although I was a patient there 5 years ago, it's been so long I have to fill out new paperwork again. 28 pages!! 
I got all of that done today and I am so ready to talk to someone and make a plan. The good news is my body is getting pregnant, but I have a feeling something is going on that is causing my body to reject or not continue the pregnancy. 

Whew! It's a bit crazy, but I'm so thankful for my faith and the patience God is providing me to help get me through this. I know some people have much bigger infertility issues than us, but having 3 different cycles of positive pregnancy tests all end in nothing takes a beating on your emotions. 

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