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Friday, December 27, 2013

Trying Again

We were told by the doctor that we needed to wait two cycles until we would be able to try again. I'm a very list type of person, so I kept this little note on my mirror to help count down to trying again. 

I was afraid my periods would be irregular or extra long due to the loss and the procedure, but luckily they returned and actually ended up being a little shorter.  

I wanted to make sure I was doing everything possible it get our timing right and make this cycle successful, so I decided to keep using the ovulation tests, but also try a digital ovulation monitor. I was so excited to see that nice smiley face that means peak fertility and a positive ovulation test. 

I am now just waiting, and waiting, and waiting.  Luckily school, Logan and Christmas are keeping me busy and time is actually going quickly. I keep reminding myself it might not happen this month, and to remember that God's timing is perfect and I need to have patience. 

I'll know very soon!

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