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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas 2013

I know I keep saying it, but this was the best Christmas yet.  Thanks to an amazing church, Logan actually understood the Christmas story and that we have Christmas to celebrate the birth of Jesus.  Each child was sent home last week from church with puppets to reenact the Christmas story and a cake mix and frosting to make a cake for Jesus's birthday. 
Logan decided he wanted to make cupcakes for Jesus's birthday, so on December 23rd, we made cupcakes, frosted them, sprinkled them, and then sang Happy Birthday to Jesus.  It was adorable!

Chippey the elf was a blast this year and there was only one night that he didn't :ahem: go to see Santa that night and end up in a new place.  Logan and I came downstairs and I immediately thought, "oh shoot!".  Logan did his usually walk around to look for Chippey in his new place, but couldn't find him.  Then I heard, "Hmm, why's Chippey in the tree again?"  I told him Chippey must really like that spot because he picked it for the second day in a row.  Whew!  Almost busted!

Christmas morning was amazing.  Logan woke up and headed right downstairs.  We caught this video:

A few pictures:

Mimi and Pop came by to see what Santa brought Logan.

Then, Granddaddy and Barbara stopped by for a few minutes. Somehow Granddaddy knew that Santa was bringing Logan a bike and he brought him a cool blue bike helmet to go with it.

Next G.G. came over, we loaded up an went to my mom's house to see her and Uncle Josh, Aunt Megan and Mackenzie.  Logan decided just to stay in his pajamas all day, and I figured, why not!
We ate a wonderful lunch, and opened even more presents with my mom. Mackenzie and Logan had a great time playing together and Logan was really sad to have to leave her. 

After all of that fun it was time to head to Mimi and Pop's to have Christmas with them and see Daniel, Shiloh and Uncle Brian. Logan took a little nap in the car on the way back, but woke up as we dropped GG off back at her car. 
When we got to Mimi's house, she had a big surprise waiting for the boys in the garage. We had the kids line up outside as we opened the garage door. Hiding inside the garage was a new bright red F150 2 seater truck.  The boys were so excited and ran right to it, which lead to the inevitable fight about who was going to drive first. After a fit and a few tears, Logan had his turn and loved it!  He actually drove it very well. Not only does the truck go forward, but it actually backs up and has a working radio! Mimi definitely picked a cool present, we just have to work on the taking turns thing.  Check out these big boys in their truck!

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