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Friday, September 5, 2014

16 Weeks

How far along? 16 Weeks

How big is baby? An avocado

Total weight gain/loss? Gained a pound, so up 2 overall 

How am I feeling? I've feel really blessed to be feeling so well.  I'm still tired at night and like to lay in the bed by 9:00, but I think that's to be expected. 

Gym Activity? Ugh, not a good gym week so far.  Hoping to go this weekend. 

Maternity Clothes?  Still loving them.  I've noticed almost all of my dress pants from last time and the ones from my cousin are too big.  I'm sure I'll fit into them later in the pregnancy, but for now I don't have many options.  The Loft was having an extra 60% off their clearance, so I order a few things to try.   

Stretch Marks? none yet

Sleep?  When my alarm goes off at 5:15am, I'm dying to stay in the bed and sleep.  I'm still waking up in the middle of the night, but can usually fall back asleep quickly.

Best moment this week?   Having my 16 week checkup at the doctor yesterday and finally hearing the heartbeat with the doppler.  It was a wonderful sound!

Movement? I don't think I have felt anything yet.  Surely, I'm going to feel this baby soon, right? 
Food Cravings/Aversions? I baked a meatloaf the other night that smelled so good.  I cut up potatoes and roasted those in the over.  When Chris got home, we sat down to eat, I took one bite of the meatloaf and knew this wasn't going to end well.  I choked it down and took another bite.  Nope, that one came right back up a the dinner table.  It was pretty gross!  I had to throw my whole plate away.  I ended up with a cup of ice cream for dinner. 

Gender? It's a BOY! I think we have decided on the name.  We'll tell soon after we decide the middle name.

Labor signs? Too early

Belly Button? Too early for this, too.

What I miss?  I guess I miss being able to have a soda whenever I want.  Don't get me wrong, I'll have a gingerale every now and then, but I would love to have a cold Diet Dr. Pepper. 

What I'm looking forward to?  We have our appointment for the anatomy scan (the big ultrasound) in two weeks.  They do all the measurements of the baby and check to make sure the heart and main organs and limbs are forming correctly.  We will get several pictures and get to see our little boy again!  I can't wait!

Milestones/Development: He's listening to your voice, thanks to tiny bones forming in his ears.  He's growing hair, lashes and eyebrows.  He's forming taste buds.

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