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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

7 Weeks Today!

How Far Along? I am 7 weeks today
Total Weight Gain/Loss? When I weighed this morning I was down three pounds!
Maternity Clothes? Not yet, but might start shopping for some fall clothes soon.
Sleep? I am getting more and more tired. I am still waking up at 6:30, thanks to Lilly.
Best moment this week? Telling some of our friends at the crawfish boil
Movement? Nothing yet
Food Cravings? Cheese It's are my favorite. I also had to call Chris yesterday to bring home banana popsicles and firecrackers popsicles.
What I Miss? I still miss coffee and we went to Mexican last night and I missed cheese dip :(
What I Am Looking Forward To? I am looking forward to telling everyone. It is hard to still keep quiet about it to everyone
Milestones? Facial features are becoming visible, including a mouth, tongue, and eyes. The major muscles are developed. Arm and leg buds are developing.
Other Notes? Our next appointment is Thursday, June 25th. We are praying we get another ultrasound!

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