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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Six Weeks Today!

Our Sweet Pea is the size of a sweet pea today.

How Far Along? I am 6 weeks today
Total Weight Gain/Loss? Thankfully I have been making it to the gym everyday, so I am still the same
Maternity Clothes? Not wearing any yet, but Megan gave me some really cute clothes to borrow yesterday. Can't wait to wear them!
Sleep? I am really tired at night when I lay down, and sleep pretty well between 10 and 6, but other than that not much sleep
Best moment this week? Our ultrasound we are having today! I can't wait to see our teeny beany!
Movement? None
Food Cravings? Two days ago I made hash brown casserole, it was awesome. I stopped and got a milk on the way home from the gym yesterday...weird. No major craving yet.
What I Miss? My morning coffee
What I Am Looking Forward To? Finding out the sex of the baby so I can do serious shopping. I have bought a few neutral things, but watch out cause when I know the real shopping is ON!
Milestones? The beginning of eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and chin are forming. The blood is circulating, and the heart is beating twice as fast as mine. The little webbed hands and feet are moving around.
Other Notes? It's our anniversary today, and we couldn't imagine being more in love and wanting this baby in our lives more than anything else. This is a dream come true!

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