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Thursday, June 25, 2009

"Your Baby Looks Perfect!"

We went in for our first visit with Dr. Hirsch, my OB, today. We saw the nurse first and I had some blood taken to check my thyroid levels. Hopefully the medicine I am taking for my thyroid issue is working. Then the nurse snuck us in for an ultrasound. We saw our little raspberry, and the heart was beating away! She said she measured it at 162 bpm! She said that was very strong. I know it's still hard to tell in the pictures, but in the first picture the baby is like a kidney bean. The head is on the left side and the heart is in the very middle, and the "tail" end is on the right. The black circle near the head is the brain developing! It was so amazing! The second picture is a zoomed in image of the first, it's a little harder to see.

After the ultrasound we saw Dr. Hirsch, and he said, "I can't ever say there is a zero percent chance of miscarriage, but your baby looks perfect. You have nothing to worry about." That was such a relief to hear. We got a lot of paper work from Northside, the hospital where we will deliver, and a few other goodies. We are scheduled to go back on July 20th (4 weeks) for our next appointment.

I think it is really starting to feel real now! I have a baby inside me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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