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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

28 Weeks!

Last week as an eggplant!
How far along am I? 28 weeks
Total weight gain? I will find out on Monday
Sleep? I think I can say that I am getting the third trimester sleepies. I feel asleep while trying to watch several tv shows this week, and I feel asleep on the living room floor! Chris had to wake me up!
How am I feeling? Wonderful besides my back. My back is hurting pretty much every time I sit down. :(
Best moment this week? My wonderful baby shower and seeing my beautiful baby boy in 4D! He was so sleepy, just like Mommy!
Movement? He has been moving like crazy. It's funny how much more I have been able to feel him over the last few weeks.
Belly Button? Still in
Food Cravings? I had to get some Cheetos on the way home yesterday...They sounded so good! We now have an open bag of about 20 different chips in the pantry. I want a certain kind of chips, then after I have it once, I don't really want them again.
What I am looking forward to? My third shower this weekend. Amanda and Emily are throwing it. I can't wait to see everyone! We also get to go back on Friday to try to get some better pictures of Logan. Our appointment is at 5:00. Check back Friday night for more pictures!

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