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Friday, November 6, 2009

We are having a gymnast!

So, not only does Logan LOVE to show us that he has a peepee, but he also wanted to show us that he is a gymnast! He pretty much had his feet over his face the whole time. You can see in one of the pictures, he had his legs bent back over his head. We even took a break so I could drink a Coke to get him to move his legs. When he finally moved his legs, he moved the umbilical cord in front of his face. We didn't get the best pictures, but we still got to see his perfect little face. He looks like he may have my nose and my big cheeks. We caught him yawning several times! The lady is going to let us come back next Friday to try and get some better pictures.

This is him yawning
This is his face. You can see his mouth, nose and left eye

This is another face shot, but the cord is in front of his eyes and forehead. You can see his nose, mouth and cheeks.

This is the gymnast shot. It is a little hard to tell but his legs are across the top, bottom is the round top left part, and his face (profile) is bottom left. It's like he's making a backwards C with his body.

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