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Sunday, September 26, 2010

First Impression

While I was pregnant and spending hours and hours researching and looking at different baby items, I heard so much about Buy Buy Baby.  It's a huge baby store, that is owned by Bed Bath and Beyond.  I hadn't heard of any near us, so I was ecstatic to see that one opened up on North Point Parkway in Alpharetta.  I had really been wanting to go, but just hadn't had time. 
Chris and I got the baby gates out to put up this weekend and we found that one of the gates is too short for the top of the steps and we need an extended.  I found it on Buy Buy Baby's website, but I couldn't use my $5 off coupon and would have to pay shipping.  I decided to call them to see if they had it in store and figured I would just drive over since I had been wanting to go.  I spoke to someone and very clearly explained the exact product I needed and she immediately told me that had it. 
I happily jumped into the car and drove over, which took about 25 minutes.  You can imagine my disappointment when I get there to find every flipping baby gate and extension, EXCEPT the one I needed!!!  I asked for the manager and explained the situation.  He told me he would go and see what he could do. 
After pacing around the baby gate area for nearly 20 minutes, I decided I better go find this guy.  When I got to the service desk, there he was just chatting it up with some other employee.  When he say me he said, "Oh sorry, I forgot, let me go see if we can order it."  What!!!!  I was pretty irritated by this point and Logan was beyond ready to get out of the stroller and the store.  He called the online ordering number and said they could ship it to my house and he would wave shipping, plus give me 20%, plus give me an extra $5 off.  He apologized for the inconvenience, and in the end it worked out.  However, I am not very impressed with this store I heard so much about. 
I did do a quick walk through after all of that was over and while they have a pretty good selection, their prices are pretty high.  The only good thing is that they take Babies R Us coupons and Bed Bath and Beyond coupons, which seem to multiply in the mailbox. 

Not a great first impression, but I'm sure I'll go back as I seem to have some addiction to shopping for my little man!

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