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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Our crazy week comes to an end....

After one more trip to the doctor Saturday, yes for those keeping track it was #4 for the week, we finally came to the conclusion that Logan did have Roseola.  We went Saturday because he was up screaming for most of Thursday and Friday night, and had started a cough.  His rash had also completely changed, but the fever had broken and had been gone for almost 24 hours.  The doctor thinks he may have had another virus that caused the first rash, but was sure that what he had now was Roseola.  She said everything else checked out great and the rash would last for a few more days. 
Logan woke up this morning almost rash free and by lunch time it was completely gone!  He is now feeling much better, and only woke up once last night.  Cross your fingers that he doesn't wake up tonight, Mama needs sleep!
Well, I guess the only good thing is we can cross Roseola off the list, I'm pretty sure he will never get it again!

Here's a picture of him feeling better and sporting his new light up shoes!  (Granddaddy is so jealous!  He loves light up shoes and wishes they sold them in men sizes!)

And....a picture from today:  (Not such a good game, but how cute is he?)

All dressed and ready for The Saint's game in my outfit from Aunt Hope and Uncle Brian!  It is so cute!


  1. I'm glad he's feeling better now, and you know what caused the rash. Those shoes are awesome, and I love the camo pants too!

  2. Thanks! I hate it when they are sick. The men on my side of the family are all hunters, so there will be lots of camo pants in his future I'm afraid! :)