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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Packing Up, Pulling Up, and Moving Down!

This past weekend we had to do some work!  I packed up another bin of Logan's clothes, he is officially out of 9 month clothes and is on to 12 months!  I am so excited to the cooler weather to come because he has got some C-U-T-E clothes!
He has gone from one crawl and flopping on his belly to two crawls and then flopping.  He is really trying and I keep thinking it's going to be any day.  He loves to scoot over to me and try to pull himself up on my lap or if I'm standing he tries to pull up on my leg.  So, we decided to drop the crib to the middle level.  It's much harder to kiss him once he's in the crib! 
Speaking of being in the crib, he is consistently sleeping from 7:30pm - 5:30 am when I wake him up to eat, and then sleeps again until about 7:30am.  It feels so nice to finally get a solid block of sleep.

I feel like I've been saying this for months, but I think he may be teething.  He is back to constantly eating his hands, drooling everywhere and eating everything in sight! 

Think I can fit all of my fingers in at once?

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