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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

17 months!

"17 months?!? Are you serious, Mom?"

We will have to wait until Logan's 18 month check up next month for current height and weight, but he's definitely still growing like a weed!  He is wearing 24 month clothes and a few 2T things.  He is still squishing in his sandals, but I think we might be getting close to time for new shoes.  He has several pairs that we have tried, but his feet are so wide and thick they never fit.  Looks like we will head back to Gymboree for extra wide shoes later this summer.  He is still wearing size 4 diapers and I think he can been in those for a while.

I am a little concerned on Logan's lack of vocabulary.  Have you noticed I tend to get overly worried about things I don't need to?  Yes, I am aware I do this, but I just want to make sure he's on track.  He has several words he uses, but not consistently.   The words he does use consistently are: Mama, Dada, ish (fish), da (dog), moo,.  The words we have clearly head him say several times, but not necessarily on command are: Pop, cat, eyes, up, no, ball, and hello.  I already mentioned this concern at Logan's 15 month check up and the doctor said as long as he was understanding us and following commands we were okay, so we'll discuss it further next month.

Logan is officially registered for Mother's Morning Out/ Preschool starting August 16th!  I am so excited for him!  He is with his cousin one day a week, and spends an hour or two at Gymboree per week, but other than that he doesn't have any other peer interaction.  I think he will love being with some little friends two days a week and I know he will benefit from it.  I'm a little sad I won't be there to drop him off and see how he does, but honestly, I think it's probably better for me if I'm not there.  :)

In the circus?  Why yes, our little gymnast must think he is on the way to the circus.  He loves to tripod and try to stand on his head and flip over.  He thinks it's really funny.  He loves to run now and we have recently tried jumping.  Chris and I were trying to show Logan how to jump the other day and he was trying so hard, but his efforts results mainly in a squat dance.  He likes to spin and really loves for Daddy to spin him up in the air.  The big boy has decided that going up or down the stair on his knees discredits him as an advanced toddler, so he now insistants on walking up and down the steps all while holding onto the rail like a big boy.  (Of course, we are right behind him or beside him.)  Our house is three levels, so needless to say, we spend A LOT of time going up and down the steps. 

Sleep has once again become an issue!  Surprise surprise!  Ever since our Disney trip, Logan has not wanted to sleep through the night in his bed.  No, he can't crawl out of bed and come get in ours, but some nights most nights it has just been easier to bring him to bed with us.  Last night, I decided I was just going to let him cry it out.  Luckily, he only cried twice and it was no more than about 6 or 7 minutes.  When he woke up at 5am, I went ahead and brought him to our bed, since he went the whole night.....I KNOW.....I should have let him cry it out, but selfishly, since I am in school during the day right now, I am stealing a little time to snuggle!  (Insert your judgements....)

Logan is still exploring body parts and learning all the parts of his face.  He loves to poke my eye balls like we are on The Three Stooges, and thinks it's really funny to touch my teeth ALL THE WAY in the back of my mouth.  Logan has become a SUPER DUPER kisser!  As soon as I say, "Logan, can Mommy have a kiss?"  he is right in my face giving me the sweetest kiss.  It just melts my heart! 

I guess that about sums him up for right now.  Here are a few pictures more pictures from today, just because it was too hard to pick my favorite.

That's Logan's kiss face!  (Do you like the hand on the belly, too?)

"Is that a plane, Mom?"

Not sure about the bush.  He kept looking at me to see if it was okay to touch the leaves!

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