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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hey Mr. Sandman....

Let me start this post by saying all of those fancy blankets and little animal lovies were such a WASTE!  I bought several of them knowing that our baby would choose one as his "security blanket".  Well, we are just about 17 months in and while he occasionally picks them up and chunks them out of the crib, he rarely hangs on to one for more than a few seconds (aside from Scout who lives in the crib and sings Logan to sleep). 
What does our son insist on having to go to sleep?  Well it's changing weekly, but here's a peek at the last few weeks.  (I snuck into his room and snapped these pictures, all while praying the shutter sound didn't wake him!)
This is a book I bought Logan and it has become his favorite, even over Goodnight Moon, which says a lot!
Tonight I had to sneak back in and take this picture.  Logan has always been partial to remotes, but for some reason it had to go to bed with him tonight.  I tried to pry it out of his hands, but figured getting him to fall asleep peacefully was worth more than a screaming tug of war match with the toddler.

Notice the book is there, too! (Along with the lovies I swore he was going to love on)

And just  because it's so cute...This is what I came home to after class this morning.  His Pop is magical!  He always gets him to nap and as you can see, he was OUT!

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