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Monday, June 20, 2011

Nothing says "I Love You" like vomit!

We had big plans to go to the lake for Father's Day with my family, and see my brother's new boat.  We enjoyed a nice dinner with Chris' family on Saturday and celebrated Pop, Chris and Brian, and planned to head to my brother's right after church on Sunday.  We I got the normal wake up call from Logan at 5:30am Sunday morning, but quickly realized something was wrong when I gave him a few kisses and smelled the smell of death on him.  I flipped on the lamp and realized he and the ENTIRE crib were covered in vomit!  Now, I now Logan wanted to do something special for Chris on Father's Day, but really!  So, while I bathed him and cleaned up his bed, I explained that while waking daddy up extra early was sweet, the sour present was unnecessary.  Although the upchucking seemed to cease, I could tell he wasn't feeling well.  We decided it was best to skip church and my brother's house, and just take it easy at home. 
While hanging out with Daddy and watching a little Mickey Mouse, Logan snuggled right up and took a little nap.  I was able to snap this sweet picture.

After the nap, Logan gave Daddy his card and present.  We are really trying to conserve money, and Logan being the helper that he is, he thought of something really special to do for Daddy.  He (with a little help from Mommy) made Chris a daddy/son time capsule.  Daddy and Logan are going to work on filling it this week, but once it's sealed we are not going to open it until Father's Day 2026, when Logan is 16!!!  (Boo Hoo...  insert Mommy tears).  Logan told me he thought it would be fun to fill with things they both really like right now and memories of special times and funny things that have happened.  Maybe a few pictures, and a few little trinkets that tell about them right now.  I can't wait to see how they fill it!

We decided to run out, grab lunch and try the park on the way home for a little bit of play time.  This was actually the first time we had been to the park in a while and it was HOT!!  Since Logan was not feeling great, we decided to just stay for a few minutes.  He still loved the swings, but was not so happy about the slide.  He tried to stop himself from going down! 

 Hopefully, we will get to see Granddaddy and Uncle Josh soon to tell them Happy Father's Day!

We had a great Father's Day and hope you did, too! 

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  1. Hi, I'm Brian's OLD neighbor from Slidell, LA (I'm Susan's friend in fb). I just wanted to say, the time capsule is an awesome idea. As a grandmother, I may just use it as a Mother's day gift to work on with my grandsons. It's very sweet and touching and will be a flood of memories to open at age 16! Thank you for sharing it.