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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Granddaddy's Dream!

This past weekend we got two trips in one!  We were so lucky to get to visit with Melanie, Scott, Jack and Baby Anna.  Jack and Anna were precious and Jack already loves his little sister!  Every time he saw her, he had to give her a kiss, which meant putting his head to hers.  It was really sweet.  Jack and Logan had a great time together and Logan already misses cousin Jack. 

After spending some time with them, Logan and I headed to meet my Dad and Barbara, in Alexander City, Alabama.  I was taught, if you have nothing nice to say then don't say anything at all, SO....I'll just say, Walmart, the most exciting place in Alex City, was a fun place to go and people watch kill time while we waited for Granddaddy and Barbara to arrive. 
The second best thing about the town was Wendy's.  We decided to share a vanilla frosty.  I use the word share loosely, once Logan got his little paws on that cup, that was it.  He carried it around for over 2 hours!

My dad has been dreaming about living on Lake Martin in Alabama ever since I can remember.  Although he has talked about it for years, he has seriously started looking over the past few months.  Several of our family members live on the same lake, so that's just an added bonus! 
After looking at literally hundreds of houses, he thinks he found "the house", so Logan and I were able to go check it out.  We drove over Saturday evening and barged in on some poor family that is currently renting the house.  They were very welcoming and allowed us to look all around and even go inside.
The lot is beautiful and I know these pictures won't do justice, but here is a sneak peek:

Sunday, Granddaddy decided to rent a boat so we could see the house from the water.  We got all loaded up on the boat, and quickly realized, we had no damn clue where we were going.  So in the middle of the lake, we stopped, got out our lake map, our trustee GPS on the iphone and a little over an hour later, we arrived at the very quiet, very peaceful, and carefully tucked away famous "House on Brittany Lane".  My dad was beaming and I am so glad Logan and I were able to spend this time with them.  I love the idea of Granddaddy having "the lakehouse" where we can all go and spend time together.  I have pictures of me when I was about Logan's age looking at minnows in a bucket from when my Granddaddy went fishing, and I can't wait for Logan to have similar memories of his Granddaddy.   
"Seriously Mom!  How am I suppose to nap with all of this on?"
Driving the boat!
Guess we'll keep our fingers crossed that Granddaddy's dream comes true!  He deserves it!

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