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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Things are Heating Up Around Here!

If you have been around Logan in the last few weeks, you have probably witnessed his obsession with microwaves.  It's very strange.  He is fascinated with the buttons, the lights, the fact the object in the microwave spins, and especially the beep when it is finished.   If we are anywhere in the vicinity of the kitchen he whines and sticks his arms straight up, then proceeds to tug on me until I pick him up to see the microwave.  It doesn't stop there...then he practically lunges out of my arms onto the counter so that he can touch the GOLDEN BOX!

I took Logan into a toy store the other day and you would think that he would have run over to the ENORMOUS train table or the ride on bikes, NOPE not my son, he beelined it for the wooden kitchen (I will say, he did choose the kitchen in primary colors, not the girly one).  Amongst a wooden oven, cabinet, sink, and refrigerator, he found the little microwave and immediately got to work.  This one did not beep, nor light, no spin, but he was still obsessed!

So, after I bribed him away with animal cookies, we headed straight to Toys R Us, in search of a cheap little kitchen.  Well, the words cheap and kitchen apparently don't go together.  After deciding that my child's happiness was not worth $135 (or more), we I decided that I would look for one at a consignment store.  But then....WAIT....did I really just see that??  I wiped my eyes and looked again....YES.... It was true....the perfect toy for my precious little heater uper!  His very own microwave!  Not only did it look like a microwave, but it  had buttons, lights, beeps, and even a turn table. 

We raced home and riped into that bad boy as fast as we could.  Amidst WAY overcooking some pizza and a whole chicken, we were able to enjoy a few "bites" of some delicious plastic delicacies.

Because, who doesn't love hot Mickey Mouse band aids?
push the buttons
the yellow light means it's cooking, red light means it's almost ready
making sure it's cooking right
yep, looks perfect!
Yummy Chicken! 

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