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Monday, July 20, 2009

12 week appointment today!

So the day I have been counting down to for the last four weeks finally arrived. We went in today for our 12 week appointment. We had to fill out more paperwork, and they took lots of blood from me (7 vials). Dr. Hirsch came in and found the heartbeat (very quickly) with the doppler. It was the greatest sound I have ever heard. We have seen the heartbeat at the two previous ultrasounds, but this was the first time we heard it out loud. It was really fast, and he said it was very strong. I forgot to ask for the beats per minute, but I could hear it was very fast. When Dr. Hirsch first found it, he said, "Yep, that's a girl. Definitely a girl." I was still in amazement of hearing the sound and I said, "Say that again." He told me he could promise me...he had no idea what it was...he was kidding.
We are just so relieved that everything looked and sounded good. We will go back in four weeks for our 16 week appointment.
**Oh and great news....He said I can now get my hair done, so I am going tomorrow.

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