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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

3 months!!

3 Months!
I still can't believe it has already been 3 months! Our little man is getting so big so quickly! He is now up to 14 1/2 pounds!! It is so amazing to see him change and do new things everyday.

Our monthly "Monkey" Picture

His hair looks so red in this picture. It's funny, in different lights it seems to be different colors.

Mohawk in the bathtub tonight. We took the sling out of the tub and now he has more of a big boy tub. He loves to kick his feet and feel the water with his hands.

Logan is quite the babbler now. We "talk" all the time. His little "ahhhs" are so precious!

Three Months:
Weight: 14 pounds 8 oz

Length: 24 inches

Eating: He was eating a little less while he was sick, but apparently that didn't stop him from gaining weight. He is eating about 6-7 times and about 3-4 oz. at each feeding. We are still trying to figure the whole pumping at work thing out, but so far so good. Logan has bottles with Mimi and Daddy and nurses with Me after work.

Wearing: He is wearing 6 month clothes and size 2 diapers. He is such a big boy. It seems like he was barely in 3 month clothes for just a few days and jumped into 6 months clothes overnight.

Sleeping: He has skipped the middle of the night feeding for the past three nights and has slept 7 straight hours the past three nights! It has been great! It's like he knew I was going back to work and needed more sleep.

Social Skills: Logan is now smiling like crazy. He loves when people talk to him. He tries to talk back and he is actually making some loud noises. It's like he wants to tell you something so badly.

Motor skills: He is able to hold his head up for long stretches and loves to sit and stand with help. He does tummy time for about 3-4 minutes and is able to do a "baby push-up". He is reaching for toys, but hasn't quite figured out how to grab and hang on to them. Daddy said that he put Logan on his tummy this morning and within 30 seconds Logan had rolled onto his back! Daddy tried to get it on video, but Logan didn't do it again. Hopefully we can catch the next one on video.

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