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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Growing like a weed...

People always say they can't believe how fast their kids grow up, but now I truly understand what they mean. Chris and I were looking at pictures of Logan from just three months ago and I found myself saying the same thing last night. The changes that their bodies and minds go through so quickly are so unbelievable. Logan looks like a completely different baby then when he was born. Of course, there are some things that are similar, but honestly he looks so grown up now. It's so bitter sweet; I love that he is growing so quickly and packing on the pounds, but it also makes me a little sad that he is getting so big! He's very quickly exiting the "Itty Bitty Baby Club", and now joining the "big boy" group! I know when Cousin Jack is born in the next few weeks Logan is going to look humongous next to him! I am so proud of my baby boy and love watching him develop into a curious little guy who want to touch and suck everything in sight!
He is now a whopping 15lbs. 5 oz and still very quickly outgrowing a lot of his clothes!
On a completely different note: He is still doing great in the crib! He went down again last night awake (but very sleepy) and had put himself to sleep in less than 3 minutes! He woke up once last night around 3:00, but went right back to sleep once I gave him his paci. YAY for crib sleeping!!

Only 17 days of school left until Mommy gets to spend the whole Summer with Logan!! (who's counting though?)

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