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Friday, August 20, 2010

Cousin Time Anytime?

Thanks to the best invention EVER....Logan and Mackenzie now get to see and talk to each other every night!  The new iphone has something called Face Time, you've probably seen it on tv.  Basically you can see the other person you are talking to.  Josh and I have been calling each other and letting Mackenzie and Logan "talk".  Their converstaions usually are the same every night:
M: "Hi Ogan!"
L: "aaaaahhhhhhh"
M: "Hi Ogan...Hold you Ogan....Hi Baby Ogan.....Hi Jess"
M:" Bye Ogan, Bye Jess, Love you, Miss you!"

Look at these sweet cousins!
She's gonna make such a good big sister one day :)

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