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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Something's Gotta Give

Let me start this post by saying I have the sweetest bunch of kids this year at school!  They are so cute and I love working with them....BUT, the paperwork, planning and preparation is about to kill me!  I am a very anal and organized person and can't stand to have something on my to-do list for longer than 24 hours.  I feel like I am drowning paperwork and things to do, but I REFUSE to be away from Logan longer than the 6:45-3:00 I am required to be at school.  So normally that meant, working through lunch and specials, and bringing bags of work home to do after he goes to bed.  I'm still bringing bags of work home, but unfortunately I'm not really able to work through lunch and specials because I am spending my time in the closest with my pump!  I do not want to stop pumping or breastfeeding by any means, I just was so used to getting to use that time to get more work done.  I have quickly come to realize that that time is so easy to give up knowing I am still able to provide Logan with my milk.
  I find myself getting overwhelmed with work and getting so frustrated that I can't even come home and spend time with my husband because I am STILL working!  When I got home yesterday, I was able to spend a few hours playing with Logan, feed him dinner and give him his bath.  As we're laughing at the fish that squirts water out of his mouth, this sweet smiley face reminds me that work is not everything and I can only do so much.  "Something's gotta give" and it's not going to be my family time! 
I've decided to work smarter, not harder at work.  Logan came to school with me this afternoon and we planned and worked with a few of the girls until 7:00pm.  Although it was not fun being there that late, we got about a month of plans done which should help get me home and work free for the next few weeks!
That was a whole lot of complaining, but I feel much better knowing I will be able to scoot home from school as quickly as possible each day! 

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