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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Working Mother Once Again

I've already had to go back to work once, and it was pretty rough having to kiss my 11 week old good bye.  At that time, he was sleeping a majority of the day and just beginning to show his sweet little personality.  This morning was much more difficult.  Having to leave my 7 month old little man who now screeches with glee when I walk in the room, and holds little conversations with me, was so much harder than a few months ago.  I think I kissed him goodbye about 15 times this morning.  I would go downstairs and then think of something else to go back up stairs for and steal one more kiss!  I got pretty teary when I was leaving, but luckily I rode to work with my friend Megan, so that was a good distraction.  Work was pretty busy, and I had a ton to do, but it still seemed to go on forever.  Everyone says it will get easier, but I'm not sure I see that yet.  I absolutely hate being away from him. I love being the one to make him giggle uncontrollably, and I love being the one to soothe him when he's cranky.  I know I am so blessed to have such a wonderful husband and family support system, so that Logan can stay with family and not have to go to daycare. 
So many of my thoughts lately are wishing I was able to stay at home with my baby, but being back at work today made me realize something.  As I was looking at pictures of my past classes and students, I realized some of these kids really need me!  For most of my students, I am with them longer than their parents are each day.  For a select few, I am the only stable and supportive person in their life.  Realizing this, makes me proud to say that I am a teacher and that I am able to say I have a career that makes such an impact on my students' lives.  Of course, I would rather be home with Logan, but I hope one day Logan realizes just how special my job is.

Daddy reported that they had a great day together!  I am so proud to say that Chris is an excellent Daddy and really steps up to the plate when it comes to taking care of Logan.  Here is a picture Daddy sent me from Logan's nap today: 

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